International Journal of Advances in Design and Innovation is an international peer reviewed, print, online and open access journal published by School of Creativity, Rishihood university, Sonipat, Haryana, India; for the enrichment of research in creativity, design and innovation disciplines.
Journal provides an international forum for research in the field of the art and creative education. It is the primary source for the dissemination of independently refereed articles about the visual arts, creativity, crafts, design, performing arts and art history, Entrepreneurship in all aspects, phases and types of education contexts and learning situations.

The journal welcomes articles from a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to research, and encourages submissions from the broader fields of education and the arts that are concerned with learning through art and creative education.
The Journal publishes quality research papers in creative arenas. Research creates space for innovation and new ideas to deal with day to day life activities. The multidisciplinary approach helps to broaden the mind space to create new ideas.